Friday, September 07, 2012


I'm going to talk about something now that is going to be REALLY unpopular, but you know what? I don't care. I've been silent on this long enough and the media hype on this has confused me for a very long time.

Here's the thing:  currently it's very popular to be "Anti-bullying" and of course, as I was bullied as a child, all the way through school, I firmly agree with developing a peer culture that recognizes and turns the tables on bullies. And because I believe that, I also believe that marrying (no pun intended) the whole "gay" thing to bullying does a great disservice to kids who are ACTUALLY bullied and not just using that media-driven popular political  platform as an excuse for what truly is a mental and emotional disorder.

There. I said it.  Yes I did. I went there. Shut up. It's my turn to speak. 

So hear me out, because I'm not NEARLY done.

When I was growing up, I was the bullied kid, even from kindergarten. Mostly because I was shy (and that is still very much a part of my temperament/ personality) in social situations. God help me, I was born an introvert and no one ever understood me, especially my peers. As a result, I was often bullied and no, I didn't fight back. Why? Because I hadn't the strength, hadn't the will to engage the bully, and figured that if I just put my head down and kept going, maybe the rocks being flung at me would finally stop. (And this isn't a metaphor: rocks really were involved in more than a few bus-stop incidents, and they were quite literally aimed directly at my head.)

I wasn't bullied because I was "gay".  For the love Our Lord and His Mother, I was 6! And in our culture, we have pre-adolescent kids "coming out" as "gay" when they don't even know what sex is about! Is anyone else smelling the bullshit? Seriously? Has the entire country gone MAD????

Now, fast-forward to my Jr. High years, where a new girl and I struck up a friendship. I didn't have a lot of friends due to my own social awkwardness, although I was pretty well adjusted even considering that. I had friends, a social life and was fine around them but seemed to "lose my voice" around the popular kids. Everyone knows that Jr. High is brutal, worse than any boot camp the military of any nation ever created, falling just short of the type of treatment Hitler provided as "hospitality" to concentration camp prisoners during the Holocaust that bastard masterminded and orchestrated.

[I'm pretty sure that Middle School/ Jr. High culture is pattered after the philosophy of  Mein Kampf, but that's neither here nor there for the purposes of this blog.} 

In my 7th or 8th grade year, a particular girl in my class who had always had a mean streak, and with whom I'd been friendly previously, suddenly decided, apparently, that I must be eliminated. She had a super-group of friends my older, High-School cousin dubbed "The Mob".  This particular girl did everything she could to make my life miserable, and I did everything I could to avoid her. One day I got caught in traffic in a hallway between classes and she and her friends cornered me. I had no hands with which to defend myself as she approached, a stolen paint brush from the art room in hand. She had emerged from the bathroom, making a beeline for me as her Guidos giggled and blocked any possible path for escape. Wordlessly, this girl drew  the soaked paintbrush against each of my cheeks, grinning madly, staring into my eyes. I looked back mildly; I was already broken and just glad they were only dragging this piss-soaked brush against my face as opposed to trying to drown me in a backed-up toilet.

As I didn't react, the Godmother, her Consigliere and their minions disbursed just as the hall traffic finally burst in the way it tends to do 30 seconds before class begins.

My tears helped to wash away the unspeakable fluid from my face. And WHY were they all doing this?

Because, they said that I was "leszing" with my new friend. I honestly didn't even know what that meant. Over time and context, that year, I finally figured out they were accusing me and my friend, who was also being bullied, of being "gay".

They knew we WEREN'T, but it was a point of attack and they thought it was fun. Some people do tend to spend their Middle School years as a hobby, making life miserable for people they consider "less than" themselves. They don't care about WHAT subject matter they use to "bully"; they just pick something and run with it because to them, it's FUN!

Getting back to the point, because there is one:

I just don't buy the "all gays are being bullied" crap that's being pushed upon us. 

The media and many misled people are perpetuating the myth of "bullied gays" using homosexual identity as a platform to condemn bullying, and this is key; it is as if ONLY alleged "gays" are being bullied! 

I have a serious problem with this. Yes, after all I've revealed here, I have a major problem with this platform because it denies the reality of the average bulled person...who is NOT gay, even if they are being bullied using "gayness" as a "trigger" for it on the part of the bashers from Hell. 

In fact, in my Jr. High/ High school, I have learned that the vast majority of the "popular kids" in those years are actually, active homosexuals. 

Yes, really. You can't just make this stuff up. 

And many of those popular but apparently homosexual bullies were actually the biggest jerkwads in the school. They were NEVER persecuted to the degree I was; in fact, they were ADORED. Many were JOCKS, even!  REALLY! 

Now, I'm not advocating the idea that every professed gay was Homecoming Queen in his school or Homecoming Queen in hers.  In fact, I have also reconnected with other friends from that time who were bullied as much as I was, or even more, and they ARE gay, but among all of us, I was the only one accused of that particular "crime" at that time, and I do not have same sex attraction. Friends, you're welcome. I took that bullet for you. (And in looking back, am glad I did. You had enough on your plate and didn't need what I suffered for your sexual identity issues as you also had way too much to deal with back then. Am glad I ran interference for you and if I could go back in time, even knowing what I know, I'd do the same thing. I'd just be more vocal about the bullies and would probably be dead now.)  

Oh, sure, this is MN and when we first moved here, I learned the term "Queer" or the phrase "That's GAY!" and had no idea what it meant. I also learned that the terms were learned from the culture, not from true maliciousness, and so it makes sense to me that now, in this ultra-liberal state that any "slander" against those who actually ARE "queer" or 'gay" are punishable by death or will be shortly. Why? Because the biggest bullies are now the lawmakers who will silence all in order to squash their own transgressions against the new religion, defined and invented by themselves: The Church of Tolerance. 

This is the reason for the "bullying" legislation and "hate crime" crap that excludes the ability of Catholics, Christians, and other general normal people  to oppose abortion and the re-definition of marriage here. 

The Adult Years and Friends

As an adult, I once had a roommate quite submersed in the "gay culture" as most of her friends, both men and women, were same-sex attracted, even though she herself was a heterosexual. I loved her friends and we all would go out to dinner, for drinks, dancing...whatever. One day she hosted a birthday party for one who was turning 30, so she and I were the only two women (and heterosexuals) in the house. I fully admit that I had a blast! 

I LOVED these guys! They were animated, engaging, fun, respected my own status, and, quite honestly, it was nice to attend a party and not be hit on by losers. (I've always been a loser-magnet. Friends always laughed at the show.)  

But at one point, some weeks later, the friend for whom the party was being thrown heard a particular story of mine in which (regarding a past male-dominated job) I'd been slighted because I was a woman. 

Condescendingly, in a tone to which I'd become accustomed from guys like him, he commented, "Oh, so you've been discriminated against."  He said this with a disdainful sniff, (think Adam Corolla sniff) as though to dismiss my experience because I couldn't POSSIBLY know what it was like for REAL.  (Mind you...this was a popular guy and had always been so with his own peers.)  

I was a bit taken aback by his attitude for I was truly distressed by what had happened to me. I bit back my anger, for I wanted to say, "What, because you're gay you think you have a corner on the discrimination racket?" 

Instead, as usual, I was silent and just walked away.  I'd probably do the same thing now, actually. Pearls before swine. 

Then, come fall, another of my roommate's friends came over so she could help him dress in drag for Halloween. Terry wasn't a fan of drag and was amazed at himself for doing it, but was going along with some crazy friends (his words) and so my roomie was going to help him with makeup and fitting. I made a few suggestions of my own to him and gave a few makeup tips (like putting loose powder under the eyes so that the eyeliner won't run).  

While we were doing Terry's makeup, he spoke about how much he hated that people didn't agree with him and that his recipe for "happiness" was to just cut anyone out of his life who didn't 100% agree with his actions. 

I recall being shocked at the time, but have found this to be the attitude of many active  homosexual friends (male and female), throughout the years. It saddened me, and still does. I find that this attitude permeates and spreads to others, and the IDEA of that, the IMPLICATIONS of that philosophy are never truly explored. 

To be honest, I lost  nearly all respect for Terry on that day, and I also have respect for anyone else who holds such a terrible, unforgiving, intolerant philosophy. They are not open to anyone; they are not open to new ideas, they are not open to anyone but their own self-defined bubble of "happiness", and as a result, become the most miserable people on earth.  

To this date, most of the self-described active gays I've met are wildly popular and wildly supported by their peers, from Elementary school on up to ripe old death, for those who don't die of HIV, addictions, suicide relating to some mental illness such as bipolar, chronic depression, cancer caused by HPV....all the stuff that also kills promiscuous heterosexuals and people from all walks of life, in fact. And bullying of "gays" is NOT the cause of the majority of it. 

Any time we act in a way contrary to Natural Law, we are miserable and wallow in it until we finally cooperate with those laws. Advice from a sinner. ;-) 

Summary and Conclusion

So it is that I don't buy the package being sold out there to teens and gullible adults: that the reason for the high rate of suicide, addictions, and mental illness among persons identifying as homosexual is the result of "not being accepted." In my experience, bullying in schools has absolutely NOTHING to do with gender identity or attraction, but entirely to do with teenage idiots running rampant and you're never going to truly quash that because bullies have always been around  and now some of them just have more to lord over others because their own abnormal condition is being supported as untouchable. Now if a gay tortures a straight kid (as I was), the straight kid is given punishment for being "intolerant".  

Yeah, I have a problem with that; I've been there, and was for many years.  

As for the "bullying" that allegedly causes "suicide, depression, and addiction" among gay adults, well, let's face it: it's not there. Maybe for SOME, but then again, as a Catholic I can't even go onto Facebook without being assaulted by attacks upon my faith and my fellow Pro-Lifers are getting the crap beat out of them,. or killed by people who disagree with them, all  in the name of "Choice.", whether it be the subject of abortion or redefining Marriage.  

I'm done. Bring on the flames. Cool thing is..."delete" really works and I'll NEVER be bullied again. So think before you comment. I did, and decided this hill is worth dying upon as I've already been martyred upon it for years, over and over again. One more time means nothing to me, even if it makes you feel better. 


Joe Potillor said...

I 100% agree, I too was bullied as a kid....I'd rather not re live those memories, but you're absolutely right about this whole connection of the anti-bullying/gay movement, it needs to stop.

Ray Marshall said...

God bless you, Julie.

I wasn't bullied, though I had buck teeth (before braces) and was fat; I was smart enough, but not too smart but didn't run around with the popular kids or jocks after school. Just some neighbor kids. Didn't date at all but went to the sock hops, but didn't dance much.

I believe that I had, and still have, my Gardol "invisible protective shield" that kept/keeps me from getting too close to others. And that might have protected me from bullying. Or of even being aware of the bullying of others.