Thursday, September 27, 2012


Tonight I'm watching the movie, "La Vita e' Bella" (Life is Beautiful)  

Although it's from 1997,  it's far more entertaining than I had anticipated, especially given the subject matter at hand from the era that created the movie:  the Jewish genocidal Holocaust at the hands of Adolph Hitler. (Just didn't expect much from 1997 trying to be 1940's film.)

In spite of my own weird misgivings, I can't help but take to heart the message of the suffering father given to his innocent, trusting son:

In words: 

This isn't so awful as you think: there is a greater prize at the end.

Tell others how much you love them; it's what we do.

In actions: 

It doesn't matter what they do to us: we can choose a better perspective.

It doesn't matter how terrible the conditions: we can still make the lives around us better and involve them especially if it protects a child's innocence.

It doesn't matter how they treat us: we retain our dignity and even if our oppressors fall (personally/physically) we will reach out to them with an admonition to take care and inquire as to their health, because it's how one human treats another.

We will live our lives not for ourselves, but for others. Period.

Know those who truly love you versus those who are just using you for their own disordered ideals.

When you are forced to go where you do not want to go, march in high-steps so that your captors will know  you are human and will never acquiesce.

Main Point: 

Moms and Dads: No matter how bad it gets, you CAN raise your children to be innocent, even when the most terrible things happen. Trust in God, keep your eyes on Him, and never, never give up. And when the oppression comes, step high and do your utmost to ensure your child is protected from the worst of the assault. Die for them so that they will not have to die to eternity.


John Bender said...

Hi Julie,

Thanks for this post! I'll definitely have to watch this movie. Sounds like it makes a lot of great points that would be helpful for me and so many others. Know of my prayers for you!


Julie Olson said...

Hi, John. Thanks for your comment.

A friend of mine recommended the movie and it really is a great one! Of course, the points I got from it are just my own ponderings but just the same, you may see the same kind of message in the movie.

Thanks for your prayers, always needed!

God bless!

Anonymous said...

Awaiting more posts!

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Julie Olson said...

Hi RAnn, thanks for your comment and invite! Incidentally I just wrote a new post tonight...

Julie Olson said...

Anon ~ Thanks, just posted a new one!

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