Thursday, November 08, 2012

Overheard in Hallowed Halls - "I'm an absolute menace" Edition

I have a little bit of hearing loss in a certain register, and today it got me in trouble, although truth be told, it could have been a LOT worse.

 I had stopped in the kitchen to ask the staff a question about the convection oven which will be used on Saturday.

While in there, an elderly lady stopped in. She's known to us, is a bit uh...confused and seems to live in a state of perpetual wonder. She was asking all sorts of questions about the food being prepared for school lunch today. Then she turned to me and inquired as to who I was. I explained I worked in the religious education office. Oh, she said.

 Then she told me she was at the church today because her son was being "married". (There's a reason this is in quotes, pay attention to this next part...)

I said to her, "Well congratulations!"

 She was turning to go, stopped turned back to me and got real close and said, "Barry".

 "Barry? That's his name? That's great!" At this point I was still happy for her. I was also wondering why she wasn't telling me the name of whoever he was marrying, thought maybe that was forthcoming.

 In the meantime, my co-worker in the kitchen was looking at me very strangely. I was confused. You'd think this lady would be gushing about her son Barry getting married. She was in the hallway by then when I realized what she'd said (with a sotto voce whisper of assistance from my co-worker).

Uh oh. Buried. 

 His name wasn't Barry and he wasn't getting Married. I heard the lady finally say the word one last time, "Buried."

 Oh. My. Dear. God. I am so sorry! Never before have I ever gone from being so happy for someone to so utterly shocked and horrified. I promised sincerely to pray for her son.

 The lady left and I stood there in the kitchen, horribly embarrassed but also, I admit it, starting to giggle. My coworker cracked, "Oh congratulations on the death of your son!" She also thought my huge awful gaff was actually....kinda funny....

 Had it been anyone else that would not have gone well. As it is, by the time the dear lady got half way down the hall she probably forgot all about it. I hope. Oy vey.

 I decided at that point to go hide under my desk for the remainder of the day, just so I wouldn't congratulate anyone else on the death of their loved one.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Liberty Dies

Four years ago, when Obama formally accepted his nomination at the Democratic National Convention, the applause was deafening. I knew then that he would win the election. He was not vetted, the reaction to him was akin to that of hormonal teens in the presence of Elvis at his peak, and in debates all he had to say with regard to questions he didn't care to answer was, "Let's move on." and his Word was done.

I knew then, at that moment, that liberty died in America.

How true it was. Obama has done nothing but undermine the American way of life. He has disrespected the military, previous Presidents (especially if they were Republican), and has wasted MILLIONS of American dollars on personal vacations.

Oh, and he's been the most pro-abortion president in history, voting for live-birth ABORTIONS! REALLY!

This year, he has been re-elected and mark my words; this Socialist masquerading as a liberal is here to do nothing more than to destroy America. He's half-done, and now he has 4 years to finish the job and twist the knife in our collective back...and with our complete cooperation.

Liberty died four years ago. Now, it's either Civil War or America dies forever.

At least, the America we've always known and loved. I will defend my country. Will you?