Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Liberty Dies

Four years ago, when Obama formally accepted his nomination at the Democratic National Convention, the applause was deafening. I knew then that he would win the election. He was not vetted, the reaction to him was akin to that of hormonal teens in the presence of Elvis at his peak, and in debates all he had to say with regard to questions he didn't care to answer was, "Let's move on." and his Word was done.

I knew then, at that moment, that liberty died in America.

How true it was. Obama has done nothing but undermine the American way of life. He has disrespected the military, previous Presidents (especially if they were Republican), and has wasted MILLIONS of American dollars on personal vacations.

Oh, and he's been the most pro-abortion president in history, voting for live-birth ABORTIONS! REALLY!

This year, he has been re-elected and mark my words; this Socialist masquerading as a liberal is here to do nothing more than to destroy America. He's half-done, and now he has 4 years to finish the job and twist the knife in our collective back...and with our complete cooperation.

Liberty died four years ago. Now, it's either Civil War or America dies forever.

At least, the America we've always known and loved. I will defend my country. Will you?

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