Sunday, October 20, 2013

Teach Your Girls to Shoot!

Some months ago, I was watching a Military Channel show called "Inside Combat Rescue." In one episode, one of the guys serving in Afghanistan learned that his wife was going to learn the sex of their unborn child at some point that day. Grinning, he said that if the baby was a boy, he'd teach him to shoot, and if his baby was a girl, he'd be the most protective father...ever.

Now, I get where he's coming from, but of course, my natural reaction, as a woman, was to shout at the screen, "TEACH YOUR LITTLE GIRL TO SHOOT, TOO!"

When I was growing up, my Mom was TERRIFIED of guns. She hated them and wouldn't allow them in the house. As a result, I had to wait until I was 18 to learn how to handle a firearm, or even have any exposure to one. Oh, sure, I'd seen my Dad's long guns stored up at his parents' house, but because I was a girl, he never considered that I'd want to learn about them.

Well, everything changed when I turned eighteen. One of my first acts was to call up my cousin, our lovable "gun-nut" relation, who gave me a great foundation in safety and familiarity with many different types of handguns, rifles, and shotguns. When we finally headed out to a local gravel pit owned by a friend of his, I was unafraid and very ready to finally put my new-found knowledge to the test with live ammo.

Time went on, I pursued more education and experience with guns, and then went on a long hiatus. A few years ago, though, my brother and I came into possession of our dad's gun collection. Having been away from "the line" for quite awhile, I realized it was time to go back. Together with some friends, we planned a weekend of camping and shooting.

It went off amazingly! We gathered our ammo, we gathered our guns and headed into the hills and forests of Indiana. And, my friends, let me tell you...when we go to the range...we really bring it! I got some real quality time in with my .9mm and by Monday afternoon, the closing of our weekend, I was quite comfortable with the firepower extension of my hand. And I was thrilled to admit I also have a new boyfriend, formerly known as "The .8mm Mauser."

But....I have to circle back to my original angle: Girls and guns.

Last weekend at the range there weren't many girls or women shooting. Oh, sure, we the "fairer" sex were present, but most of the other women there were standing back while their boyfriends or husbands toed the line and picked off targets.

One of my friends noticed this as well and singled a few out for a few "lessons". The one that I loved, though, was the teen brought out there by her father, who stood back proudly taking photos while my friend taught her a few rudimentary gun handling and shooting skills.She had a full day and was a willing and enthusiastic participant.

And...I gotta say...I don't know who that guy was, but in my book, he's "Father of the Year."

Moms and Dads, teach your children to handle guns, teach them to shoot, and teach them well. And most especially, if you REALLY want to protect your daughters, make sure they are able to protect themselves, with or without a gun.

Gun Control: The theory that a woman found dead in an alley, raped and strangled with her panty hose, is somehow morally superior to a woman explaining to police how her attacker got that fatal bullet wound. Women must not depend upon the protection of man, but must be taught to protect herself. 
- Susan B. Anthony, July 1871

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

We the People

Tonight I had an epiphany. I realized some of the reasons why I'm so proud to be an American, and why, as a Patriot, our damned Government offends me so much.

 I have spent time living in another country, one that did not enjoy all of our freedoms for they were in fact fearful of their government. While there I came to love both that country and ours, rejoicing in the fact that I didn't fear our officials.

How much things can change in only a few years, and yet, my head was in the sand because, throughout my education and experience I have been solidly indoctrinated by the liberal agenda which largely sought to inform me, as an American, of my inherent lack of value in the face of the world, and in fact, of my inherent evil intent simply for having been born.

Not only have I come out on the other side, having realized the outright attempt to destroy me as both a real American and an intelligent, critically-thinking human being, but I have realized that the psy-ops inflicted upon me has utterly failed on their part. Guess I'm a survivor in spite of our traitorous government.

Let me give a few examples, therefore, as to why I am proud to be an American and will never make any apologies for being so:

* the United States of America came into being because We The People rose up to glory, armed and unafraid, standing up to Tyranny on the grounds of religious freedom and no taxation without representation, among other important issues. How many young and old men went to their deaths, bearing arms against a sea of British oppressors who sought to subjugate us? Hell, we'd all have very different accents today if we'd just laid down and handed over our arms. We also would never have had the Wild West for the Crown would not have tolerated such uncouth conquest of the great plains and deserts.

* The United States of America might have had some problems, like, say, keeping other human beings as slaves, but we fought hard and ENDED that bullshit under no uncertain terms. Lots of other countries today cannot claim that, and yet...few people are aware of that fact. Yes, slavery still exists, and I'm not talking about prostitution here. I'm talking bad ol' fashioned pre-American Civil War keeping human slaves for labor and menial tasks. Yeah. Look it up. We ended that shit on our shores, but it still goes on today in other countries, without question or media coverage.

* We, as Americans, are often touted by our OWN Main Stream Media (MSM) as being "abrasive" overseas, we're informed that we are "rude", that we are "unrefined" and we are informed that "other countries hate us."  Well, that may be true on some level, however, I have it on good authority that, in fact, the service workers in Europe and the Dominican Republic as well as other places, our territories or not, LOVE us. Why? Because we GIVE TIPS! We, as Americans, have a reputation among restaurant and hotel staff everywhere that we give tips, we say "please" and "thank you" and we treat them with respect because most of us have actually worked in those or related fields and don't have a "caste" system here.  Our very way of living has taught the vast majority of us to respect ALL workers, and as such, we are generally well respected and so we are actively sought out as customers in places such as Oktoberfest in Germany and...well...anywhere. Don't believe the hype that we're awful. Many throughout the world like Americans because we don't look down on anyone.

Corollary to the above:  the Americans who look down on people are dismissed and vilified by the average American because we all hate asshats like that since we've all been bullied by their like and don't want to see anyone, our citizenry or another, subjected to the same. 

* People throughout the world differentiate American citizens from our Government representatives, whom they hate because, well...Obama is an ass who funds terrorists and kills innocent people We the People would rather tuck under our wings, protect, and offer hotdishes and casseroles to while they recover from the genocide our government is subjecting them to while trying to disarm We the People.

* We the People of the United States of America have the very unique ability to convert the most beautiful foreign language words into the most graphically distorted and disturbing names possible. And then we flock to those places because they are usually quite historical and fascinating sites. This also creates jobs through tourism revenue which further fuels our economy. Examples: Bloody Basin, Gnaw Bone, Hell, Black Gulch....the list goes on....

* We the People of  the United States of America believe in the natural human right and enjoy the Constitutional ratification of that Natural Right to keep and bear arms for the defense of our nation against the tyranny of the government...ANY government. Including our own...for the defense of the People and our Constitution.

* We the People of the United States of America might be rude and uncouth to the liberals of any country, but we're respected because we are honest, we don't play games, we know our loyalties, we're not here to impress anyone, we know what hard work is about, and if you need help, we're here for you on a deeply personal level. And you know that, which is why so many of you from other shores flee to ours, seeking refuge. (Although we who know our government and most recent history suggest you find other shores for now, because things are about to get hot up in here in the next few years and we want you to be safe because right now...this is not a safe country.)

* We the People of the United States disown our own government for being fascist and tyrannical and know that this statement, while allegedly protected by the 1st Amendment, may get us arrested and imprisoned anyway, still make it because it goes back to our very roots as a country and we will NOT be subject to that kind of tyranny that first drove us to Revolution and Civil War ever again, come what may.

* We the People of the United States of America know what the red stripes on our flag stand for, and if we are TRULY American people we are willing to lay down our own sacrifice in order to keep this people free.

* We the People of the United States of America know what religion is about and how hard we all have fought for the right to worship God according to our own respective beliefs, and we will NOT have the current Tyrannical Government interfering with our own internal regulations and beliefs, and we will certainly NOT kowtow to "Mandates" that punish the poverty-stricken and force good people to act against their own well formed consciences to commit atrocious acts against humanity, most especially the unborn and the elderly.

Yes, I am PROUD AS HELL to be an American and if you have a problem with that, you know exactly where you can go, you sniveling, libtard anti-American government and media puss-heads, you vomitous masses, you warthog faced buffoons! I fart in your general direction and as you writhe in death-throes against the honesty of everything I have written here, I will insult you again with a bad French accent just to tick you off even more for being so "uncultured".

I would rather be "uncultured" than "uncourageous".

May I give my life for God and for America, in that order. Amen.


Truly, if you're not willing to give your blood for this country then you are not worthy of claiming citizenship here. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Zombie Theologia

Life is strange. I always seem to meet the coolest people when I'm in a tizzy about something stupid. A couple weeks ago I saw a segment on Talking Dead that drove me nuts, and I immediately found the web page for Talking Dead and Zombie Research Society and had my tizzy there.

The admin of the page gave me the email address of the premiere zombie authority, Matt Mogk. I emailed my little missive to him and much to my surprise, HE RESPONDED!

From his response and my rebuttal (respectful on all sides, always), somehow we got onto the topic of "zombie theology". He was interested, asked me to contact him the following week. I gave him the time, last weekend sent a note asking if he was still interested about the conversation. He was, and asked me for some background. I sent my reply, didn't hear anything and I admit I wondered if he thought I was just another nutjob. Over the weekend I was at my brother's house (the guy responsible for my zombie obsession), and told him all the history. I also said that if Mr. Mogk didn't get back to me I'd drop it as I had no intention of being a "celebrity stalker". If my idea wasn't interesting to him, it wasn't a huge deal.

But here's the thing with zombie aficionados...we tend to love discussing zombies and zombie culture. And when meeting another like ourselves, we bond in weird ways.

Today I received another email from Mr. Mogk who is interested in what I had to say, and sent me the link to the blog of another religiously-oriented aficionado, offering to connect us. He also plans to respond himself to what I'd sent.

I've decided my new dream job would pair zombies and theology. Although I won't complain if this remains pure hobby status.

So..anyone else curious about the "Zombie Theologia"?  I have an (incomplete) Question here:

Q:  On whether Zombies, Walkers, or Biters are Human

Objection 1:  It would seem that zombies must be human for they are of human form and move in accordance with human movement. The deceased do not move and remain at rest after cessation of heart and brain activity.

Objection 2:  It would seem that zombies are human for there are three powers of the soul:  memory, intellect, and will. Based upon The Walking Dead, walkers (aka zombies) may have some kind of memory. In Season 1 episode 1, the zombified wife of Morgan returned to the place of her death, night after night, and in season 3 we saw a final return. Whatever animation, whatever power of the soul that made her "she" in her real life seemed also to be present in her Walker form.

Objection 3: The condition of the Walkers is quite possibly a medical condition allowing for treatment should the proper remedy be found. In "I Am Legend" the study lent itself to a potential cure, and Herschel in Walking Dead was convinced that those in his barn were sick, not infected. Herschel was a Scientist (Veterinarian) as well as a man of faith and had reason to rely on science to find a cure.

**           **         ***
Well, friends, that's an introduction. It's late and I haven't more time to write this evening, nor to finish even the "objections". This Question is not yet complete, but be assured: I will "answer that..." and will "reply to objection x" very soon! Maybe even tomorrow. But for now, I need to tune into my favorite show and study the genre ever more deeply in order to produce for you, my readers, the greatest possible coherent product in melding theology and zombiology.