Monday, March 11, 2013

Zombie Theologia

Life is strange. I always seem to meet the coolest people when I'm in a tizzy about something stupid. A couple weeks ago I saw a segment on Talking Dead that drove me nuts, and I immediately found the web page for Talking Dead and Zombie Research Society and had my tizzy there.

The admin of the page gave me the email address of the premiere zombie authority, Matt Mogk. I emailed my little missive to him and much to my surprise, HE RESPONDED!

From his response and my rebuttal (respectful on all sides, always), somehow we got onto the topic of "zombie theology". He was interested, asked me to contact him the following week. I gave him the time, last weekend sent a note asking if he was still interested about the conversation. He was, and asked me for some background. I sent my reply, didn't hear anything and I admit I wondered if he thought I was just another nutjob. Over the weekend I was at my brother's house (the guy responsible for my zombie obsession), and told him all the history. I also said that if Mr. Mogk didn't get back to me I'd drop it as I had no intention of being a "celebrity stalker". If my idea wasn't interesting to him, it wasn't a huge deal.

But here's the thing with zombie aficionados...we tend to love discussing zombies and zombie culture. And when meeting another like ourselves, we bond in weird ways.

Today I received another email from Mr. Mogk who is interested in what I had to say, and sent me the link to the blog of another religiously-oriented aficionado, offering to connect us. He also plans to respond himself to what I'd sent.

I've decided my new dream job would pair zombies and theology. Although I won't complain if this remains pure hobby status.

So..anyone else curious about the "Zombie Theologia"?  I have an (incomplete) Question here:

Q:  On whether Zombies, Walkers, or Biters are Human

Objection 1:  It would seem that zombies must be human for they are of human form and move in accordance with human movement. The deceased do not move and remain at rest after cessation of heart and brain activity.

Objection 2:  It would seem that zombies are human for there are three powers of the soul:  memory, intellect, and will. Based upon The Walking Dead, walkers (aka zombies) may have some kind of memory. In Season 1 episode 1, the zombified wife of Morgan returned to the place of her death, night after night, and in season 3 we saw a final return. Whatever animation, whatever power of the soul that made her "she" in her real life seemed also to be present in her Walker form.

Objection 3: The condition of the Walkers is quite possibly a medical condition allowing for treatment should the proper remedy be found. In "I Am Legend" the study lent itself to a potential cure, and Herschel in Walking Dead was convinced that those in his barn were sick, not infected. Herschel was a Scientist (Veterinarian) as well as a man of faith and had reason to rely on science to find a cure.

**           **         ***
Well, friends, that's an introduction. It's late and I haven't more time to write this evening, nor to finish even the "objections". This Question is not yet complete, but be assured: I will "answer that..." and will "reply to objection x" very soon! Maybe even tomorrow. But for now, I need to tune into my favorite show and study the genre ever more deeply in order to produce for you, my readers, the greatest possible coherent product in melding theology and zombiology.

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